The Baja California Sur Community Alliance Volunteer program began operations in April 2020. As of August, it has more than 200 registered volunteers across all municipalities of BCS. All registered volunteers have received training in bio-safety and data collection to carry out the delivery of more than 140,000 food baskets to families in need.

Our volunteers will continue to make deliveries during the coming months. Fortunately, we currently have all volunteer needs covered except for some specific positions. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm with which the community has responded, enabling us to successfully consolidate the Baja California Sur Community Alliance's Volunteer program!


As individuals and businesses return to work, the ability to deliver becomes more difficult as the number of volunteers and the availability of vehicles for delivering food baskets decreases.

The BCS Community Alliance Distribution Centers need volunteers with a vehicle (car or truck) to continue deliveries in different modalities. Contact the State Distribution Coordination by calling (612) 122-2127 or by email to

On behalf of the Baja California Sur Community Alliance and families across the state, we thank you for your support.

“There is nothing stronger in the world than the heart of a volunteer.”
- James H. Doolittle -